Tips #1 – Cheap Ways to Make a Small Living Room Look Bigger

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home and kitchen renovation cost is relatively cheap as compared to the living room, but the heart of the home is really the living room. It is the area where family and guests most often congregate, and when a living room is small it can feel cramped and hopelessly lacking. Expensive remodeling is not required to make a small living room look bigger. There are numerous cheap ways to make a small living room look significantly bigger, and these cheap decorating methods are feasible for almost anyone.

Begin with Wall Color for a Cheap but Dramatic Change

A small dark living room will naturally look inadequate. Dark or bold bring the walls inward and make a small living room look even smaller. When striving to make a small living room look bigger, select light hues that add just a hint of color to walls. Even the lightest colors in a small room will be evident, and you will find that a little goes a long way. A new coat of paint is a cheap way to make a small living room look bigger, and it will make the greatest impact.

Creative Decorating with Mirrors

Mirrors will never go out of style, and they not only provide a handy place to view a reflection, but they also magically make small rooms look bigger. The living room is the ideal location to decorate with mirrors, especially a small living room. When looking for cheap ways to make a small space look bigger, be sure to check the clearance section of stores that sell large framed mirrors. You will likely find fantastic bargains in all styles from contemporary to traditional.

Place a large wall mirror of your choice across from a living room window or entryway door, or decorate a wall with a series of framed mirrors. Besides adding depth to walls, a mirror or a series of mirrors will also add more light to the room and make it look naturally bigger than it really is.

The Right Wall Decor Can Make a Small Space Look Bigger

Step into a living space with walls covered in framed photos, plates, paintings, shelves, and other wall decor and it will likely look like a hodgepodge of flea market finds. Less is more when decorating any space in the home, and this is especially true when decorating a small living room. Minimize the number of wall hangings on walls in a small space, and display only the best. Otherwise, the eyes will not be able to process the numerous colors and designs, and what was intended to improve the look of a small living room will only bring it down and make it look even smaller.

Furniture Choice and Placement

Just as too many wall hangings can cramp and clutter the appearance of a small interior space, too much furniture can have the same effect. Downsize furnishings to make the space appear adequate and naturally bigger, and when looking for cheap ways to decorate, repurpose oversized stuffed furniture. Opt for smaller pieces that fit the scale of the living area, and select clear tempered glass tables instead of solid wood or slate varieties. Being able to see the floor will also make a small living room look significantly bigger.

Take the time to look around your living room for cheap ways to change the appearance. Sometimes just re-purposing extra pieces of furniture and moving furnishings around can make a huge difference. It does not take a construction contractor to make a small living room look bigger. You can do it yourself with a little time and design creativity.