How to Get a Sophisticated Classic Decorating Look?

Are you looking for a new decorating look or style? Why not consider the sophisticated classic look?

What is the sophisticated classic look? It is for someone who likes practicality and still likes to follow a few trends.

Here are some ideas on how you may be able to get a sophisticated classic decorating look and still keep a decorating look that looks like you:

When choosing your main pieces of furniture, your first consideration should be comfort, right? Look for pieces that first feel good. Next narrow those pieces down to those that are also tailored looking.

  • Don’t be afraid to mix textures. You can mix lines and silk and still get a nice look
  • Add bold patterns items such as ottomans.
  • Add plenty of pillows. This will increase your comfort and will keep the area from look stuffy.
  • Look at the floor plan. It is neat and symmetrical? Don’t worry about matching everything perfectly. Just make sure things have a nice flow.
  • Look around the room and decide which items are your favorite things. Make sure these items have focal points in the room for all to see. If you have a favorite photo, give it the perfect spot on your coffee table or book case.
  • Make sure you do not over do it with knick knacks that have no use. Instead, make sure the items you have in the room actually have real uses and functions.
  • Pick out accent items that have a personal appeal or touch to them. Pick mirrors, wall hanging and lamps that not only fit the room, but fit your personality.
  • Try to keep the room organized and functional, at all times.

If you feel you are a sophisticated person than you need a decorating style to match your personality. Try the above tips and see if you can come up with a look that suits your personality.

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