Spring Wedding Decorations

There are many people who enjoy planning a seasonal wedding. They like to use decorations and favors that represent the current season, such as spring. Are you planning to have a spring wedding of your own?

Maybe you’re helping a friend plan out his or her spring wedding. If you are planning a spring wedding at all, then you may be looking for spring wedding decorations. You want something that will fit the spring season nicely. This is a very special day, so you should be able to decorate the wedding however you would like!

Decorations for spring weddings can include place card holders, coasters, guest books, and garland. You can even include favors, such as mini flower pots. They come in a few styles, such as flowers and butterflies. You can also find them in various colors that fit the spring season. Your guests will love looking at your decorations and taking home the favors.

You can find the decorations and favors in various retail stores and online shopping websites. The stores include Amazon, Party City, Sears, Target, and Wal-Mart. The stores may differ on the wedding decorations and prices they offer, but it is good to have a variety of choices. This way you will have a better chance of finding something you like.

If you are planning to get married during the spring season, then here are a few spring wedding decorations and favors you can consider using for your wedding. The items on this list can be found on the trusted site of Amazon, but you may find similar or exact decorations in other stores as well.

Monarch Butterfly Garland w/12 Butterflies (Feather) – Fabulous for Spring & Wedding Decorations!

The Monarch Butterfly Garland is decorated with twelve feather butterflies. The garland can be found in three different color choices: orange and black, light orange, and light gray. You can hang this garland up on the wall, chairs, or an archway at the wedding to add a beautiful butterfly effect.

Monarch Butterfly Garland w/12 Butterflies (Feather) – Fabulous for Spring & Wedding Decorations on Amazon.

“Whimsical Fields” Spring Leaf Coasters – Set of 50.

This coaster is decorated with round clear glass. The clear round glass is decorated with a design of nice green leaves. You can find the coasters in a set of fifty, each one measures at 3 7/8 inches in diameter.

“Whimsical Fields” Spring Leaf Coasters – Set of 50 on Amazon.

Flower of Love Guest Book

Guest books are nice to use for weddings. The guests can leave their names and nice messages to the new bride and groom! The Flower of Love Guest Book can be found in three different colors, which are pink, green, and blue. The center of the guest book cover features parchment roses in the shape of a heart. Behind the heart is a musical background. The guest book includes photo mounting corners, to attach photos of the wedding!

The Flower of Love Guest Book on Amazon

Chrome Butterfly Place Card Holder Spring Wedding Favors.
This place card holder comes in the shape of a butterfly. The butterfly is attached to a long stand, which sets on a round base. The entire place card holder comes in the color silver. You can buy the place card holders from Amazon in sets of 24, 50, 60, and 200.

Chrome Butterfly Place Card Holder Spring Wedding Favors on Amazon.

Mini Flower Pots

These mini flower pots are white with a flower pattern going around the top. On the side it reads “Thank you for sharing our joy”. You can add an artificial flower or a potted plant to these mini flower pots. If you want to try something different, you can add a tealight candle to the pots instead.

Mini Flower Pots on Amazon

Spring wedding decorations such as the ones on this list will be perfect for your spring wedding! The decorations and favors are simple and look beautiful. When you do your wedding shopping, you can check the stores for the products on this list or simply use the list for ideas! You may even use this list to come up with ideas on how to create your own decorations and favors.

You can use the decorations and favors for their intended purpose, or you may have your own ideas of how to decorate with them. For example, the mini flower pots are intended to be used as wedding favors. But you can also set them up as spring decorations. However you decide to use your decorations and favors, your spring themed wedding will look beautiful!

Have a nice time choosing and using your spring wedding decorations and favors! Congratulations on getting married this spring!

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