Types of Window Treatments to Consider: The Pros and Cons of Each

Window treatments not only offer privacy, but they can make a design statement in your home. They come in all different shapes, sizes and colors to create a number of different looks. They can either add to your home decor, or they can take away from it. What are you looking for in a window treatment? These are just a few types of window treatments to consider.


I love the look of draperies in a traditional home. They are basically pleated curtains that hang – or “drape” – from a rod. They are often long enough to form a pile on the floor. Draperies work well to soften the harsh lines in a room, especially when accompanied by a swag of fabric that is draped over the rod. However, they do take away about a third of your outdoor view, even when open. And draperies that “pile” may not be the best option for elderly people or families with children and pets who may trip over it.

Panel Curtains

Panels are similar to draperies in that they hang from a rod. However, they are typically flat pieces of fabric that hang anywhere from just below the window to mere inches from the floor. I view panel curtains as being more contemporary when they are used without the frills of swags and piles. They are usually stationary, but can be tied back to let the light in. As with draperies, though, panels take away from a portion of your view of the outdoors.

Blinds & Shades

Blinds and shades come in various forms: Mini blinds, vertical blinds, roller blinds and roman shades are the most common of these window treatments. Mini blinds are simply plastic or metal slabs that are attached to a string – they open vertically to the top of the window. Vertical blinds are long, horizontal slabs that open horizontally to the left or right. Roller blinds are flat pieces of vinyl or fabric that cover the window and can be rolled upward to open. And roman shades are similar, but are pleated and slide up to open, rather than rolling. All these options are very basic and easy to operate; however, they also block a small portion of your view when open.


Shutters are window treatments that can take the place of a glass window. They come in either wood or vinyl, and they can come in a variety of different colors. Vinyl shutters do not come in as many color options, while wood can be painted any color you like – but they have to be repainted occasionally. Shutters open to the outdoors, so you can let in fresh air, but they give you plenty of privacy and protection while closed. You may even have the option of opening and closing slabs on the shutters to fit your preferred amount of privacy.


Valances do not fully cover windows; they are mainly chosen as a type of window treatment for looks. They typically cover only the top third of a window and are stationary. Valances can offer a certain amount of protection from the sun’s glare and UV rays, but minimal privacy. They come in several different material choices: fabric, wood and even vinyl. Fortunately, this means valances come in unlimited options for color – and even pattern – to suit your tastes.

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